This is a blog about a life of a family in Vienna, Austria; our travels and getaways, the fun we have, the cookies we bake, the places we visit, the books we read and the films we watch.

The author of this blog is a married mum of two princesses, working as a freelance translator, always developing new ideas and turning them into exciting projects, a self-confessed scribomaniac and a self-taught photographer.


2 Responses to About

  1. Brigitte Scott says:

    Dear fellow translator,
    I posted the link to your blog on the egroup of the German Network of the ITI and people loved the post about the German Language, Austrian Version. Now the editor of the German Network’s Netzblatt (a bulletin for members of the ITI German Network) wants to print it. I hope this is ok with you. Apart from events and dates for our profession as well as terminology issues, the Netzblatt brings interesting and amusing pieces about the German language and German-speaking countries.
    Please confirm that it is ok with you to reprint your piece in our Netzblatt (for free, we do not sell the Netzblatt, it is just a perk of GerNet membership).
    Many thanks in advance and greetings from Tyrol
    brigitte scott

    • Dear Brigitte,
      I am glad you liked my piece and want to reprint it. If you provide the full web address of my blog, I’d be happy to give you my promission and I would be happy to visit your page, so please do send me the link.
      Best regards, currently from Carinthia,
      Strawberry Hill Stories :-)

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